Whisper of Mint Body Butter & Oatmeal Elixir

Whisper of Mint fragrance      Gift Set from the Pharaohs (A)
$46.00Sale Price $38.00

Pineapple Body Butter & Epsom Elixir

Gift Set from the Pharaohs (B)
$46.00Sale Price $38.00

Ginger Body Butter & Epsom & Oatmeal Elixir

Gift Set from the Pharaohs (C)
$46.00Sale Price $38.00

Our Elixirs Make the Perfect Gift

Our Elixirs Make the perfect gift for you or someone you love. Bring home the unique luxury of our Elixirs today. Gift set includes one Body Butter and one Epsom & Oatmeal Bath Elixir. Choose from Pineapple, Whisper of Mint and Ginger Gift Sets. If you would like a special message included in your gift set please state your message under special instructions.


Wholesale Pricining

For special pricing on orders of 12 of any single item, please email us.