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We started our business to provide natural spa treatments that are paraben free and cruelty free. Twice a year I visited world class spas all over the US to indulge in their bath and body treatments. My two favorite spas are Ihilani Spa and Resort in Hawaii and Grand Canyon Spa in the Palazzo in Vegas.  During the rest of the year, I wanted to be able to replicate these spa treatments at home.

When I visited stores in my area, I was unable to find truly high quality bath and body products like the ones used in the spas. Many of the products I found were full of petroleum based oils, (like the oils used in your car's engine) instead of plant based oils and ingredients. The products were also full of parabens. I was truly disappointed so I decided to create a line of products that could be used at home that were high quality and used natural ingredients.

We started with a focus group of people who frequented high quality spas. We asked what treatments they had at the spa and what treatments they would like to do at home. We then partnered with a chemist who understood our vision of paraben free plant based ingredients.  We then worked with an elite clientele, some of which owned spas and tanning salons and others were selective individuals who wanted a high quality bath and body product they could have custom blended. Now the best-selling custom blends from this collection are finally being offered to you.


Since 1993

Beverly Odom      
Managing Partner
Beverly Odom Managing Partner

Our Ingredients


Our Ingredients

At Ancient Egyptian Bath and Body Elixirs, we use the freshest ingredients combined with a variety of fresh botanical extracts such as a blend of flower and nut oils which are wild-harvested. All of our ingredients are native to the United States. Our ingredient are carefully distilled to retain the freshness and energy of the fruits and flowers. Best of all our oils rinse away clean, no greasy after feeling. Just soft clean skin.

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